Preserve Your Legacy. Inspire the Future.

We're a heritage management firm. We work with families and organizations to preserve their history and transform it into an enduring legacy.

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We discover, archive, and transform your legacy into an asset of ongoing value.

Whether commemorating your 75th year in business, or you're celebrating the life of a loved one, we collect, organize, and archive your legacy, creating a finished product that provides you and future generations with lasting value and inspiration.

Celebrate Your
Organization's History

Shape the future of your organization's cultural growth by remembering and celebrating the stories, challenges, and guiding vision that formed the foundations of your company's continued success.

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Preserve Your
Family History

Too many stories have been lost to time and illness. By preserving your loved one's legacy, you ensure that their life, memories, and virtues live on in your family's future generations.

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Authentically connect with your customers.

Your customers desire an authentic experience with your brand — one that reflects a connection with the communities you serve and the values by which your organization is led.

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Preserve your family's values and beliefs for future generations.

Give your family an anchor of foundational values and commemorate the lives and memories of loved ones who gave your family its strength.

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Preserve Your Legacy. Inspire the Future.

Whether you're looking to preserve your family's history or commemorate your 75th year in business, we can't wait to meet you and hear your story.

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"Enter Müllerhaus ... breathing fresh air and professionalism into an otherwise daunting process. From day one until final copies were in hand, [we] worked as a team...The result: a stunning volume of work that captures our story with accuracy and charm, one we'll be proud to showcase for the next 100 years."

Nancy Garber, Communications Director (RET) Northeastern State University.

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