Heritage Services Designed for Your Family & Business.

We guide multi-generational family-owned businesses in discovering, preserving, and sharing their heritage in ways that inspire appreciation and understanding.

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Your History Drives Results

Your Heritage Builds Culture

Your Legacy Preserves Success

A multi-generational family laughing and smiling together.

Why is your business heritage so critical?

Multi-generational family businesses risk more than their corporate counterparts if they do not preserve and share their heritage. Beyond better business performance, your business heritage creates a richer company culture, more financial stability, and most importantly ensures success for future generations.

The future is at stake for your family and your business. Do not risk:

Lost business history and values.

Lack of understanding among future generations.

Higher likelihood of business failure.

of high acheiving families pass on little to nothing about the history of their success.
— The Williams Group Wealth Consultancy & U.S.
Trust, Private Wealth Management, 2019

Your family, employees, & community deserve the appreciation & understanding that comes from your business heritage preserved & shared.

Your family business heritage will drive better business performance. 

Business heritage projects are a critical component to the success of your business. Imagine leveraging your history to increase customer engagement, onboard highly motivated employees, and expand community awareness of your brand.

Because your business heritage is tightly connected to your family heritage, you need a partner who understands the importance of serving both your family and your business. Heritage products will drive better business performance and create family legacy at the same time.

An old photograph showing a grandfather and grandchild sitting in an office, while the young boy plays with a rotary telephone.

We Understand Family Business

Family businesses are distinct. Our work with accomplished families and individuals gives us a unique approach to balancing the heritage of your family with this history of your business.

The team of Lee Supply, about 50 people gathered outside behind the business sign.

We Acknowledge Your Investment

Heritage work for your family business should earn you a return on your investment. We help you leverage your unique history through practical strategies for business growth.

Two oil workers together on a drill site, working hard.

We Appreciate Your History

While it can certainly be a benefit to your business, your history is also intimately important to your family. We will guide you as you determine what to use in business and what to enjoy privately as a family.

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We are your family & business heritage experts.

More than most, family businesses enjoy a unique opportunity to leverage both sides of their history — the family and the business.

Your story as a family business should make your company culture far richer than that of your competitors. And your employees, communities, and customers will appreciate and understand that rich culture when the story of how it was built is well-preserved and well-shared.

Simply put, we expertly guide you in discovering, preserving, and sharing your heritage to ensure the success of both your family and your business.

The Müllerhaus team: Kayloni Alexander, Alexnadra Seifried, Laura Hyde, and Doug Miller (from left to right).

Services we offer:

Custom History Books
History Exhibits & Displays
Oral & Video History
Genealogy & Family Trees
Storytelling & Memoirs
Corporate Anniversaries
Proper Care & Digitizing of Pictures, Documents & Media
Private Archives for Family & Business
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Families & Businesses You Know Have Trusted Us

Our Proven Approach to Your Business Heritage


Discover Your History

We start with a look back — capturing the stories and memories you already have to combine them with our expert research to craft the full history of your family business.


Preserve Your Heritage

Through masterful storytelling, design, and curation, we preserve your family and business heritage so you can inspire appreciation and understanding, drive business engagement, and ensure your continued success.


Share Your Legacy

Finally, you'll share this unique, rich heritage with your employees, your community, and future generations of your family, leaving a legacy of success built by your family's business.

Your heritage project is customized for your family and business with concierge service, discretion, and compassion. Most projects require 12 to 18 months.

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Beautiful & prestigious, our work brings influence to your legacy by bringing life to your history.

Family Businesses such as yours had this to say about their work with Müllerhaus:

“This writer brought out of me things I had forgotten about. His approach of putting some negative things down that have occurred in my life that have turned out to be positive… that was really neat. It’s a story worth writing.”

Robin Siegfried

The NORDAM Group

“It’s been a great experience. You can’t put a cost on what we are trying to do here. Everyone was on board from the jump, and with each subsequent meeting, I think we were more excited about the project.”

Jason Lee, President

Lee Supply Company (3rd Generation)

“The anniversary needed recognition. The question was ‘how do you do that?’ Do you just blow up balloons and move on—or leave something meaningful that will last into the future. I don’t know how you put a price on those things.”

John C. Bumgarner, Founder

Bumgarner Asset Management &
Bumgarner Family Foundation

“They are committed to the historical significance of the project. They are making a tremendous commitment to the service of history. I think they’ve passed the test. I’m sold, no question.”

Dewey F. Bartlett Jr, 39th Mayor of Tulsa & President

Keener Oil Company (3rd Generation)

“I thought we might write a small brochure for our centennial celebration. Little did I expect this gem! We were undershooting the target, but Müllerhaus Legacy brought really strong ideas and great enthusiasm to the table. They made our centennial a total success.”

Fred Dorwart

Founder, Frederic Dorwart Lawyers PLLC
President, George Kaiser Family Foundation

“Instead of just a written documentation, Müllerhaus is capable of producing a truly human story that captures both the business history and the family dynamics. There’s emotion in what they created for us. I can sit here and get a little broken up just talking about it.”

Mathew Brainerd, Chairman & Owner

Brainerd Chemical Company (Second Generation)

“This stuff doesn’t just happen. You know it when you see their work and how beautiful it is. What they do and how they lay things out was highly creative. Once I saw the books, I thought, ‘yep, this is it.’”

Emily Williamson-Perkins, Director

Corporate Communications, T.D. Williamson
(4th Generation)

“Müllerhaus breathed fresh air and professionalism into an otherwise daunting process. The result: a stunning body of work that captures our story with accuracy and charm—one we’ll be proud to showcase for the next 100 years.”

Nancy Garber, Communications Director

Northeastern State University

Your heritage of accomplishment is critically important success of your family & business. 

Now is the time to preserve & share it.

The story of your family and your business are completely intertwined. It's probably been this way your whole life — what happens to the business, happens to the family. Thus, most highly accomplished families resist the idea of preserving or sharing their family business history and heritage. It seems frivolous at best and at worst it feels self-glorifying. But there's a bigger picture here.

Your family and your business are responsible for creating jobs, caring for your community, and ensuring that success continues into the future. The heritage of your family business — properly preserved and shared — will drive appreciation and understanding among all your business's important stakeholders and guide future generations of employees, leaders, and your family to success.  

And because your heritage deserves to be preserved, it also deserves the investment in expert guidance to do it well. 

Müllerhaus Legacy is your family and business heritage expert. We understand the needs of accomplished families such as yours and we care that the story of your family and business is conscientiously preserved and shared. We are a team of creative storytellers, professional historians, and business strategists who have a passion for helping you discover, preserve, and share your influential family and business heritage.

After all, what's good for the business is good for the family.

Don’t leave your family & business without a map for continued success.

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