Is Your History Safe? 

Müllerhaus Archiving expertly organizes, digitizes, and preserves the materials that make up the heritage of your family, business, or organization.

Protect Historical Assets

Easily Access Your Story

Let Us Do All the Work

Most businesses know the value of their history but don't know what to do with their historical photos, documents, and media.

As soon as your business begins, you and your team experience milestones. If you’re like most companies, these photos, documents, and media go into file boxes in a closet somewhere. Your closets may include:

Photos you’ll want to use at the 50th anniversary celebration

Newspaper clippings touting your community impact

Original, signed documents filled with meaning

These irreplaceable materials provide the evidence of your success but are vulnerable to water damage, pests, and even accidental damage.

Your Company Heritage Deserves Better

Preserving your company's history is easy when Müllerhaus Archiving does all the work. We’ve got three simple steps and you don’t have to do anything.



We do all the work to pick-up, sort, catalog, and curate your historical photos, documents, and media.



We scan your collection to create a searchable catalog that makes your history accessible and valuable.



We return your originals in museum-quality storage materials that will keep your collection safe for generations.

Your History At-Risk

Your History Made Safe & Accessible

Archive Services

At Müllerhaus Archiving, we offer all the services you need to keep your historical documents and media safe and accessible.

Survey, Evaluation & Pick-Up

Organizing & Sorting


Scanning & Digitization

Museum-Quality Storage Materials

Digital & Physical Delivery

Complete Project Management

Common Questions

Where is the work done?

We pick up your items and complete all three steps in our Tulsa-based archiving lab.

How long does it take?

Typical archiving projects will take 6 to 12 months to complete.

What can be included in an archiving project?

Our experts can digitize and rehouse almost anything! We handle assets ranging from photos, documents, brochures and slides to various types of film, tape, fabric items, and oversized documents such as blueprints.

Still have questions?

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