Your family & business legacy deserve to be beautifully preserved & shared.

Legacy doesn’t just happen. To be influential, heritage must be protected and shared with care and authenticity. Müllerhaus Legacy is your expert team of creative storytellers and professional historians helping families and businesses like yours inspire the future by using history to keep their stories and values alive. 

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Who We Are

In 2003, principal and founder, Douglas Miller left the hectic life of a creative director at one of the nation’s leading advertising and public policy agencies to find a more meaningful application for his life’s work. Believing his God-given gifts had more purpose than simply influencing consumer behavior, he started Müllerhaus Publishing Arts, Inc. in his basement with the dream of using his love for design and storytelling to help his clients use their legacies to influence future generations.

In honor of his German immigrant forebears, he based his company’s name on the family’s original surname, Müller.

What We Believe

The American Dream will falter if we fail to pass along the character, values, and traditions that unify us. To preserve the promises of liberty, Müllerhaus Legacy makes the story of American achievement an influential part of everyday life. Our purpose is to use family and business history to lead, inspire, and connect future generations to their inheritance of opportunity.

Join us on our mission to preserve the
American Dream.

We believe that protecting stories about the entrepreneurial spirit of ordinary people with big ideas is the best way to respect and honor those who have contributed so much to our society.

This is why we approach your history and your project with the understanding that the future depends on getting it right.

Our team brings expertise and experience to your legacy project:

Professional Historians & Genealogists

Archive and Preservation Specialists

Award-winning Design Experts

Accomplished Authors & Editors

Research (Family & Business)

Concierge Service & Project Managers

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We care about protecting your legacy.
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"Truly made a difference in her life..."

The Müllerhaus Legacy team delivered a book that was beyond anything I imagined.

“When I decided to do a book about my grandmother, I pictured a few hundred pages of type and some black-and-white pictures. The Müllerhaus Legacy team delivered a book that was beyond anything I imagined. Their personal concern for the project, professionalism, and service exceeded my highest expectations. The courtesy and care they gave my grandmother made the processes enjoyable for all. After everything Gramma has experienced in her many years, it’s pretty difficult to give her anything that will truly make a difference in her life. But this book really did give her something to be excited about. I think it really did make a difference.”

Jeffrey J. McDougall

Founder, President, and Owner
JMA Energy Company