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Through short highlights from our books, archives, and research, we offer a glimpse into the journey of legacies discovered, appreciated, and understood.

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The Kennedy Building: An Everlasting Monument

From the Archives: Müllerhaus Legacy often works with accomplished families who steward historically-significant buildings. BAM Properties, the business of the Bumgarner Family in Tulsa, OK is one such story.

100 Years of Risk, Sacrifice, & Opportunity

The year 2020 marked 100 years since Walt Helmerich and Bill Payne shook hands in partnership during the most dynamic and risky era of the American oil industry. Today, Helmerich & Payne, Inc. is a global leader in contract drilling, safety, and technology. But it hasn’t always been that way.

The Value of Legacy: Remembering John Hughes (1933-2013)

It has been a decade since the passing John Hughes, one of Oklahoma’s most admired and accomplished ranchers. In 2011, lifelong friend and fellow rancher, Frank Robson, honored Mr. Hughes and his family by commissioning Müllerhaus Legacy to publish The Home Ranch: Stories of the Hughes Family and the Oklahoma Land They Call Home.

Family Work Ethic — 50 Years of Lee Supply Company

We’ve all heard start-up stories that begin with the inspiring dream of one entrepreneur. But more often than not, family businesses are formed out of shared necessity. Lee Supply was founded when one unexpected decision left the entire family unemployed. Here's an excerpt of the remarkable story of the five decades that followed.

The Good Life — Rose Mary Deegan (1917-2014)

Faced with the heart-wrenching prospect of raising a dozen children after her husband’s death, Rose Mary Deegan not only accomplished that daunting task, but also made sure that all twelve of her children earned post-high school diplomas. Then, she went out and earned her own.

How Your Company History Strengthens Your Company Culture

Your company’s history is a powerful tool to help you shape and lead in your company culture. It is uniquely suited to diagnose cultural issues, plays a role in fixing them, and can fortify your company against similar problems down the road. Here's how...

Uncover Your Roots: How to easily explore your family history

Anytime you gather with your family is a prime opportunity for you and your family to explore your family history. Here are some intentional questions younger generations of your family can ask during family gatherings to understand and preserve your heritage.

What to Do With 75 Years of History?

As you enjoy success in your business and accumulate years of service to your customers, you'll build a collection of historical material. Making use of this valuable material can be a challenge. And for a family business, the challenge is greater as family and work life and history become intermingled.

Gas Industry Revolutionary: Remembering Thomas H. Russell (1943–2022)

Thomas H. “Tom” Russell revolutionized gas processing through the success of his companies. He and his wife Pam were also generous philanthropists. In 2019, Müllerhaus Legacy helped the family preserve Mr. Russell’s remarkable story.

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