The Value of Legacy: Remembering John Hughes (1933-2013)

It has been a decade since the passing John Hughes, one of Oklahoma’s most admired and accomplished ranchers. In 2011, lifelong friend and fellow rancher, Frank Robson, honored Mr. Hughes and his family by commissioning Müllerhaus Legacy to publish The Home Ranch: Stories of the Hughes Family and the Oklahoma Land They Call Home.

Douglas Miller
Principal & Founder
The following excerpt is taken from the foreword Mr. Robson wrote about his friend.

A Friend for Life

My dad always said, “Frank, in your entire lifetime, you’d be lucky to make four really good friends who will always be there for you.”

I am very lucky because John Hughes was just such a friend.

Gentleman ranchers and close friends (left to right) John Hughes, Frederick Drummond, and Frank Robson in 2009.

Longtime relationships were a John Hughes trademark. In fact, when I think about John, the first thing that comes to mind is his respect for relationships. What I’ve found over the years is that John has earned the respect of everyone who has ever done business with him. His character and personality were why everyone who met John seemed to want to stay in contact with him.

Like the year John was crop-dusting and the humidity made his spray settle on the high hills, damaging a farmer’s watermelon crop. Even though it was out of his control, John went to the farmer as soon as he learned about it. “Tell me how much I owe you,” he said. “I’ll pay you for your watermelons.” And he did. For years afterward, John’s family would come home and find vegetables sitting on the front porch from that farmer.

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Bringing in the herd in 2010

Stories like that show John’s integrity and character. He always knew when to speak up and what to fight for. And people listened.

Men like John are the reason we need these kinds of books. If we don’t record these fascinating incidents and stories, our history will be lost forever after we’re gone. Young people need to know about the heartaches, disappointments, good times, and surprises.

They need to know about men like John Hughes—the kind of really good friend my dad talked about all those years ago.  

This article first appeared in Müllerhaus's publication Legacy Journey Quarterly. For information regarding any of the projects mentioned in this publication or to inquire about Müllerhaus Legacy or our services, please contact Ally Seifried at 918-747-0018 or

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Douglas Miller
Principal & Founder