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Through short highlights from our books, archives, and research, we offer a glimpse into the journey of legacies discovered, appreciated, and understood.

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What Is Company History and Why Is It Important?

What exactly is your company's history made up of and what value does it hold for you and your people? We'll help you envision how to preserve and share your company history with influence.

The Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie and the American Dream

The story of how America's cookie was invented at a Massachusetts inn and became a quintessential example of the American Dream.

Privacy, Humility, and Dignity in the Pursuit of Legacy

The need for appreciation and understanding, the desire to pass on wisdom, and the longing to be remembered are all a part of being human. Yet well-known families and successful leaders often feel a unique burden when sharing the story of their accomplishments.

Pioneers of Convenience

Now in its 65th year, QuikTrip sets industry standards for success through constant innovation. But in the beginning, cofounders Chester Cadieux and Burt Holmes had little more than ambition, work ethic, and just enough good luck.

How to Make Great Company Anniversary Social Media Posts

Here's a simple step-by-step path you can follow to creating social content for your company anniversary.

The First Lady of Television

Raised in a boarding house and a millionaire by 30, Maria Helen Alvarez was profiled in the book 4th & Boston: Heart of the Magic Empire because of her historical contribution to Tulsa’s development.

What's in a Name?

Four generations of innovation, quality, and customer service.

Company Milestones: What They Are & Why They Matter

Learn how your company's rich history can amplify your social media messaging and open the door for authentic, trust-based relationships to be built.

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